I have such a clear vision right now. I don’t want it to fade. It’s as if it were a clear memory. I wish we could be

Lying in my bed, bare skinned, light seeping through the blinds. I’d get up, and close the blanket so the warmth doesn’t escape. I’d make you scrambled eggs (because that’s the way you like them) with bacon, and a hashbrown. I’d make mine easy over. Pour you a cup of coffee, one cream, one sugar, and me, a glass of orange juice. I’d tip toe upstairs, because that’s the only way I know how, and bring you breakfast in bed. But first! I’ll put the breakfast down on the side table, and crawl back into bed next to you. And kiss you on the neck and nibble your ear and whisper good morning! And I’d pinch your bum, and you’d turn around and tickle me, and we’d laugh, and we’d laugh until I can’t breathe. Then we’d call it even and eat our breakfast, and then we’d snuggle back under the covers and then we’d just lay there. No worries, nothing. Just your eyes, and mine. Locked gazes. And in that moment I know that I’m in love. I know that you’re mine. And I love you. I love every part of you.


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cuddle me pls.
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